Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Five policemen were recently sentenced to 25 years imprisonment in Nigeria for robbing a lorry. This is at least a right step in the right direction for once. It is high time the government authorities re-focused in the way and manner men and officers are recruited into the Nigeria Police Force.

Not withstanding the fact that the policeman is the most powerful individual on the road, the police ought to be your friend. But the reverse is the case in this country he is a threat instead! And so because of the wanton abuse they exhibit, the new Inspector General had since abolished the erection of road blocks on the Nigerian roads. But even at that, it does not seem to have restrained or curbed the excesses of the police enough. But perhaps, again, it seems the nation deserves the kind of police it gets. The level of corruption that has bedevilled this country especially in high places leaves just too much to be desired.

But at least this is one good step taken to check the brazen criminality of this police force. Invariably, the Nigeria police personnel need urgent attention in terms of training and re-training, as well as proper remuneration and equipping.

By Morgan Nwanguma