Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Breaking Through

For a change some good news filtering in about what Nigerians can do as a people. If only leadership could be a little more forthright, there is no limit to how far we could go leveraging on our indigenous ingenuity – in Science/Technology, Art, Literature, Economics, etc.
Recently I learnt of the exploit of the Nigerian Air force team in technological breakthrough: President Goodluck Jonathan unveiled an unmanned aerial vessel (UAV) or drone, which was designed and constructed by the Nigeria Air Force (NAF) in collaboration with other local institutions. The President described the launch of the UAV as a”landmark moment” in Nigeria’s history, and so it was.
Science & Iechnology
I have seen a video capturing a practical demonstration of this device – a flight test, and I am impressed and proud that for once something good and worth celebrating is here. Follow this link and see for yourselves the Nigerian drone in action:                                         http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=TX1L_AxHXXw . Some cynics (and you can’t blame them) have expressed disbelief saying the whole arrangement is a phoney, but I tell you – this is for real.
Furthermore, in the year past like the president captured in his speech, we have launched the first indigenous combat vessel, developed by our Navy, and various Armoured and operational vehicles developed by the Nigerian Army. All of these are highly to be commended, and need I say that more resources and encouragement should be channeled towards such directions and the Nigerians so involved.

By: Morgan Nwanguma

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