Thursday, 7 March 2013

Fashion Modelling - Career for Your Kid?

In this modern day and age of high fashion and wide spread activities in the modelling world, a vista of hope and a myriad of great opportunities have emerged on the business world as well as the employment market for all manner of talents that have to do with this whole world of show business, fashion, and modelling. 

Favour on the right at age five, with her friend Ozioma

It has become imperative therefore that bright young talents can be harnessed right even from the cradle and so on, and pushed right into lime light both for fame and a whole new career direction and success.

Favour Lucky walking  the Catwalk

Enter Nigeria’s Next Super Model, a contest that has become a successful annual event in Nigeria, and now entering its season 7 this year 2013. The contest has been growing and after some years, it has risen to be one of the topmost model contests in the whole of Africa. Yearly winners emerge with a life-changing offer as well as brand new cars for the finalist. It is however aimed at catching them very young and nurturing the visible talents and potentials that these future super models can present.

I dare say here that the success of season 6 of this contest is ‘the story of Favour’. The story of Miss Favour Lucky, the winner of the 2012 edition, strikes me personally with great interest and delight. It is a classical a fairytale-like story, and indeed a dream come true for little 14 year old Favour whom I watched growing up where we lived together with her parents as neighbours in Lagos. She would come home from school and climb up to my flat and say “Uncle Morgan, please come and help me draw a house or a table” for her class art assignment, etc. Favour‘s story is truly a case of triumphant escape, an explosion that has taken her in a twinkling of an eye, to stardom and victory, which automatically to a great extent rubs off on the family too. I know what I am talking about. And her parents – my own friends must be very proud, and I extend my big and hearty congratulations to them.

You may also wish to encourage your little daughter or ward, and indeed any other girl out there in whom you see the slightest visible talent for modelling. Visit this link: to access and fill out their form for the next edition NNSM 2013.

By: Morgan Nwanguma.

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