Monday, 2 December 2013

A Little Secret


As you set to start a business today; as you think of what manner of investment to embark on today; as you search yourself to know what areas are your strong points; as a business woman or man intending to venture out, have you asked yourself that one question that matter most? I tell you today, this is the one secret to success that every one successful person out there has applied at one time or the other. 
In your area of business, it doesn’t matter, be it in your chosen career or profession, this one question remains forever relevant:
What Do People Need?                                                                                                                                              This is the one big question that answers all your questions on success. 
A. T. Stewart, a poor boy in New York once made the mistake of his life and lost most of his capital. He bought needles, thread and buttons, etc. He went to people to try and market his wares and did not get any positive response. When he realised he had gambled his resources away, he swore never to gamble in business anymore. The next thing he did was to go from door to door in his entire neighbourhood asking and finding out what exactly they needed. 
As he discovered what the people actually wanted, he then went ahead to invest his remaining capital and became very successful in the years to come amounting to some forty million dollars. 
Simply put – you must put yourself in the position to want to solve problem in whatever area of endeavour, calling or profession. Attend to what people need.

By: Morgan Nwanguma

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